C…is for Cookie


Our latest creation here at Raggedy Hen Farm is something a little decadent, a little playful, and full of a lot of the good stuff–whole foods that taste great and nourish the body to boot!  If truth be told, we had something to prove–cookies can be delicious and healthy…

We’d like you to meet our Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. The ingredients include: organic whole oats, organic dried cranberries, organic whole wheat flour, brown sugar and organic vegetable shortening.  We’ve tossed in some yummy spices like cinnamon too. Add an egg, a little vanilla extract, and a few Tablespoons of water and you will soon have gooey, hearty, feel-good cookies.

Teri wanted to call these “Breakfast Cookies” since that is how she likes to eat them–for breakfast.  They have everything you would find in a bowl of hot oatmeal, but these can be eaten on the way to work and since the mix is so convenient, it literally takes a minute or two to combine all the ingredients and get these cookies baking in the oven.   We baked up a batch of these this past weekend while we were rebuilding our chicken coop and they kept us fueled and fed for the four-hour project!

You can find the Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie mix over in the Raggedy Hen Farm online shop.  


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