More than Halfway


Today marks our passing into the second half of the incubating adventure.  In other words, we are more than halfway through the 21-day incubation period and we still have no idea what will happen! We’ve been turning the eggs regularly three to five times each day; recording temperature, checking humidity, and we’ve even given candling our best shot a time or two. As near as we can tell, the majority of the eggs seem to be developing, but there  are a couple where we just aren’t sure what we’re looking at. What we do know is that the dark shadows are continuing to grow in most of the eggs. In the lighter-shelled eggs, we can sometimes see the embryo move, but in the darkest shelled-eggs, we just see blobs…

This is not our photo, but one we borrowed from an online forum–it shows the shadow of the embryo, as well as the growing larger shadow with in the egg. This is a good example of what the eggs look like when we candle them now.

At this stage in incubation, the embryo has done most of its early development. He or she has little wings and feet and feathers, and the beak is starting to harden and the bones calcify. Today marks the point where eyelids are developing over the eyes and downy feathers should be growing all over the little critters. For the next week or so, we’ll continue to turn the eggs and the viable embryos should continue to grow larger, while the air sack at the fatter end of the egg should get a bit bigger too.  This time next week, we’ll be getting ready for “lockdown”–the time when we up the humidity levels, stop turning, and allow the embryos to prepare themselves for hatching. That is, of course, if it goes according to plan!



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